Friday, February 11, 2011

New York!!!

After the first week of cinnamon rolls, I realized that there could be some potential. I decided that I would sell enough cinnamon rolls to go to New York...and eat to my hearts content!
And that is what I did.
(once again I am a terrible picture taker so there isn't much in the photo department)

I stayed with my good friend Nicole and her husband Spencer and their twin girls Elle and Sophie...who are just darling!
Nicole was great, getting around that city is like nothing for her! I would have been a lost mess without her!
She ate with me!
We ate some delicious food. We ate cupcakes before lunch. We ate donuts right after breakfast. I ate a warm bacon sandwich with tons of cream cheese on an everything bagel...right after I had already eaten an everything bagel with cream cheese!
We walked and walked till our feet least mine did.
I saw amazing architecture and beautiful old buildings and so many wonderful things! New York is quite a place!
We made a delicious dinner at Nicole's house, I got to see how she grocery shops...I don't know how you do it girl!!!
We went to art museums, which I LOVE! I haven't done that in a long time!

(i felt like a true tourist...that IS what i was though...)

We talked and laughed and ate (did i mention that yet??) and just played!

It was a BLAST to say the least!

Thanks Nicole for being a delightful hostess and tour guide and friend!!!

(there was a massive elephant behind me...he didn't quite show up! so you just get beautiful me!!!)

New York....I will be back to visit...hopefully soon!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Saturdays

So I guess this is really old news.
I was going through pictures on my computer...that is such a trap, I can never stop! But I never really told the story of Cinnamon Roll Saturdays.
So here it is.

It was Thursday night and I said me and Armani are going to have a bake sale on the corner...and sell cinnamon rolls.

I got a few laughs and some, "are you for real??" 's and I said yes I am for real.
I made 3 dozen.

by : armani

by : armani

by : armani
(he LOVES Cinnamon Roll Saturdays!!)

In less than half and hour I had 3 dozen sold and been prepaid for 3 more dozen. Who would have thought?!!? Not I!

Anyway. It grew each week. I got up to making 20 dozen. We never didn't sell out. That was a really good feeling. Cause I worked REALLY hard and stayed up REALLY late week after week.

(mine and 3 other loaned kitchen aids...until i started using the kitchen at a Culinary Crafts, that saved me from going insane!!)

(10 dozen...thats only half of them!)

I had tons of help...thank you a million to all of my babysitting helpers. I really have a BOMB family on both sides. I love you all and could ask for better!

Now they are at Marley's Gourmet Sliders restaurant on Saturdays...and I might bring them back to life here in time!!!

Anyway. I saw the pictures and I felt a weird sadness that that is all over. I don't wish I was still doing that, but is was such a huge part of my life and a really fun thing on Saturdays mornings!

Helpers! Madeleine was more of just a supporter/eater...haha! I love you both!

Not the greatest photo of us...but Savannah was a trooper! and so was I :) I love you Savannah!

This all led to my trip to New York!
That will be the next post...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Old Stuff

The next few posts will be from some things I missed along the way. Old news can still be long as there are pictures, right?!?


He is not an ounce short of a HUGE handful. I can be ticked off at the kid (in a loving mother-ly way of course) and can't help but laugh at the same time because he is absolutely NUTS.

I see a mixture of a lot of strong personality characteristics from both Giovanni's and my side, (all fabulous ones from my side!) he is going to keep me very very busy for years to come. I have no doubt.

He turned 1 in October. I am realizing that I take very few pictures. For real, it is horrible. I have one really not so good, but the best of the worst, photo from his birthday breakfast. And I think that Gabrielle has the pictures of him destroying his cake on her camera...which reminds me that I need to get those!
He hated the breakfast I gave him too. I was trying to be all nice and put a big "dollop" of whipped cream on his french toast and he gagged and made a sour face. He does NOT like whipped cream.

He does however LOVE the marshmallows out of...ummm I think this makes me a horrible mom...chocolate marshmallow matey's! Kids come programed to just go for the marshmallows, even when the cereal is chocolate! Maybe my children are just sugar fiends like their father.

This is his latest "trick". He climbs into his little shopping cart and cries a super loud fake cry until Armani or I push him around. He is a demanding little fellow!

He also thinks he needs to sit on the vacuum, and it has to be on or else he screams a terrible scream at me.

I just want to squeeze the little man, and kiss his paw-like feet!

I love you a million Enzo!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Up and Running

My computer is alive with the Internet...via our neighbors wireless...yea!!!!
It is a little bit hard to function without Internet, I must admit.
I have been doing mini-posts from my phone and I still don't really have a real camera so the ones from my phone will have to do.
We are here in Hawaii. Living. Strange and fun and hard. The weather is like a dream, and would be even dreamier if we had air conditioning...we will have to get the figured out. You can't really tell, put in the picture Enzo's hair is literally soaked from sweat, poor guy.
This is an adventure. We have met tons of really great, nice people. And thank heaven for Pat and Carrie and of course Ham their dog, they have made it a lot easier that it could have been!
We go to the beach lots, that is all Armani wants to do. Sunscreen and sandy bums. Yum!
We miss everyone but we are doing well!
Sorry if it's boring but I thought family would like to see where we are and what we do, so I will post little videos of some of the places we go!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just passed Jack Johnson on the bike trail today...I was pretty excited!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This should make everyone who doesn't live in Hawaii feel very happy...and no I did not buy the cereal!

So it can rain pretty hard here. And it was insane the other night...I was soaked through 3 layers of clothing in about 30 seconds! Nutttts!

Our new house, not the whole thing, but how is the view!?! It is very beautiful here!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

family pictures

Not always the most exciting, fun thing to do but Heather did a great job!!!

I really do not like photos of myself, I usually make some sort of silly face to make it funny rather than my awkward 2nd grade smile on cue look... I don't love myself in these but I do love that it is of me and my babies. I am usually always behind the camera and I really have VERY few of me and my little handsome boys.

Cute shoulder shrug Enzo! Where did your neck go??

These are Niccoli grandbabies.
Armani, Gianni, Luna and Enzo.

Maybe my next post will be of our new life in Hawaii. Less than a week left of this chilly weather! Excited and Nervous and Happy and Sad and everything
in between!

Monday, August 09, 2010

in other news

is your mouth watering???

this is THE LATEST, other than
laundry, baths, spills, stories,
acting like a crazy wild lady to make my kiddies laugh,
costco, days market, etc...


you just might want to mark you calendars...EVERY SATURDAY
fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

i decided two saturdays ago to sell cinnamon rolls on the corner. it was a bit bigger than i planned. we were turning people away. making more to fill ORDERS. it was crazy! i take pre-orders or i sell them by the roll too! come be a regurlar, its a great saturday morning treat!
maybe this will be the ticket to my dream of my own little cafe!


bestest friends

since day one they have been something like


im pretty sure it was love at first sight.

the cutest little set of buds ever.

if falling asleep holding hands isn't one of the
things EVER
i don't know what is.
i love you both a million.
for ever and ever.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

it's been a while

I'm back! Are you all sooo excited?!?! Just kidding, I am not sure that anyone looks at this anymore...except for you Gabrielle, you're the best! (i know you know) (a little inside joke) But really, I have the BEST sisters in the whole world, they are ALL THE BEST!!!! I love you! My mom doesn't read this, but in case she does, I know her well enough that she is feeling like I left her out at this point. I love you too mama!

("mom does this outfit make my booty look big?")

So lots has happened since I posted last. The biggest thing is that we rented our house and are now living at my mother-in-laws...I kind of hate that term, it so often has negative connotations, my other mom's house! It may seem backwards, but its getting us closer to our next step forward. If that makes any sense. It has been great, I miss my house...a lot, but it is fun to have family around all the time and soooo many "babysitters"! We might all have withdraws when we move out!

We spent 2 1/2 weeks in in California. Fun. Long with two small children. Cold. Yes cold in July...crazy. We had so much fun, weddings, seeing friends, and of course that beach! (even if it meant wearing a hoodie!)

Lots of fun stuff! I can't believe summer is almost over. I though summers were about being a little lazy and not having much to do...I feel like I have been going non-stop!

(two peas in a pod, really.)

(cowboy boots. stripped pants. cowboy print top. gun made from pipes.)
(high fashion right there folks.)